What is Obesity?  • Morbid obesity is defined by the Metropolitan Live Insurance Company as an excess  weight of 45 kg or more as compared to the ideal body weight (IBW).  More than 25% of body weight excess is linked with increased mortality and morbidity. • Obesity contributes to premature mortality, morbidity and social disadvantage. • Obesity is a serious disease with a high morbidity and mortality rate. A major risk factor for many chronic diseases. • Surgical treatment is the only proven method of achieving long term weight control when all other therapies have failed Gastric – bypass surgery for instants improves life expectancy in patients by 89% (Ann. Surg. 2004, Christon et al) • Non surgical methods alone often do not achieve medically significant long term weight loss Copyrights © 2010 Copyrights Khalilzayadin,laparascopic-surgery Amman, Jordan,Hernia, GERD, In Amman Jordan . All rights reserved