First name      : Khalil Second Name : Yacoub Last Name      : Zayadin Birthplace : Jerusalem Nationality : Jordanian Date of birth : January 18. 1952 1975 : M.D : Humboldt university Berlin Germany. 1975 - 1980 : General surgical training , Charite and Friedrichshain Hospital Berlin. 1980 - 1981 : Research with P.h.D in medicine. topic : acute pancreatitis. 1981 - 1982 : Research fellow at Sidney Farber cancer institute in Boston and visiting surgeon MGH, John Hopkins, and Mayo clinic 1983 - present : Private praxis in Amman / Jordan, Admission rights in all major private hospitals. Laparoscopic and obesity surgery mainly in Amman Surgical Hospital Performed laparoscopic surgery as early as January 1991. All advancements in laparoscopic surgery were pioneered by Dr. Zayadin in Jordan. Experienced in functional surgery of the stomac and performed over 2000 laparoscopic Nissen, partial and total gastrectomies as well as othe gastro intestinal operations, laparoscopically. Cholecystectomies, common bile duct explorations, colon surgery etc. Abdominal defects, incisional , inguinal and ventral hernias operated laparoscopically since 1995. Obesity and Metabolic surgery in a specialized comprehensive set up at Amman hospital since 1999. Includes laparoscopic Banding, Roux en Y bypass, Sleeve gastrectomy, Scopinaro procedure and lately the Mini- bypass. More then 1000 bariatric operations so far performed. Numerous papers and lectures given at national and international conferences in regard to minimal invasive surgery. Instructor for laparoscopic surgery in Middle Eastern Countries. Copyrights © 2010 Copyrights Khalilzayadin,laparascopic-surgery Amman, Jordan,Hernia, GERD, In Amman Jordan . All rights reserved
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